What is the purpose of the book Belle Isle?
Where is Belle Isle?
What is Belle Isle used for currently?
What happens to Belle Isle in the book?
Is it possible to put 35,000 people on Belle Isle?
In the book, Belle Isle is referred to as the “Midwest Tiger.” What does that mean?
What are expected to be the primary industries of Belle Isle?
Where will the citizens of Belle Isle come from?
How will someone become a citizen of Belle Isle?
Will the citizenship fee pay for the purchase of any land for homes or businesses on Belle Isle?
Will U.S. citizens, or for that matter citizens of other countries, need to give up their citizenship in their “home” country?
What are the main principles of the Belle Isle society?
What is the basic government compact for Belle Isle?
The first FAQ mentioned the book addresses some of the important problems of America. What are some of those problems, beyond the high cost of government and unnecessarily high taxes?
Will Belle Isle have any border crossing delays or impediments with the United States?
What is the tax system of Belle Isle?
Do Belle Isle citizens pay taxes to the United States?
Will rich Americans escape paying U.S. income taxes by becoming a Belle Isle citizen?
Won’t the U.S. lose a lot of tax revenue?
The book and its commentary claim that businesses on Belle Isle will have a competitive advantage over other businesses of the world. Why is that?
How does Belle Isle achieve a spending level of only 10% of GDP?
In the book, Belle Isle has its own currency, called the Rand. Why not use the U.S. dollar?
Some say the Belle Isle currency, sharing the name 'Rand' with that of South Africa, suggests Belle Isle may favor apartheid. Is that true?
Will Belle Isle have its own schools?
Why will Detroit do this?
What are the chances this vision could become reality?
Why will Michigan allow this?
Won’t Belle Isle be a tax haven for the rich?
How do you answer Detroit citizens who might see the potential for these ideas but who hate to give up a park they love?
Will residents of Belle Isle become stricken with island fever? After all, it’s only about 1 ½ square miles.